Video editing

Video Editing

Crafting it all together

From simple talking head videos to complex multi-layered video editing, your video needs to look professional and project the correct image for your company.

Our award winning video editors are both creative and technically skilled.
Our experience ranges from drama and documentaries to corporate videos and music promos.
We can work closely with you to produce the results you want, or independently and unsupervised following your brief.

We can work with the format of your choice:
  • High Definition Video
  • HDV
  • Digibeta
  • Beta-SP
  • DVcam
  • DV
  • DVD media
  • File formats such as MPEG, AVI and Quicktime
  • VHS
  • PowerPoint Files

As we use our own video cameras, video editing systems and DVD authoring hardware we can keep our costs low, and within your budget. Your final master can be delivered on video tape, DVD, CD-ROM or directly to the Internet.

If you’re updating your video, best quality will be achieved by using the original master video tapes, however this is not always possible, and we can work with any tape or file format you have. We will deal with all aspects of your video edit and are happy to offer advice and support.

All video editing services can be provided remotely or on site using our portable video editing systems.

For more information on video editing, please contact us on 08709 220032, or use our contact form to email us if you like information on any of our services