Video Production and Post Production

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can I just send you my video footage with instructions of what I need?
    Yes, you can send your tapes, files or DVDs with instructions and we will edit as instructed. Once we've put together the first cut we'll upload the video to our secure server (with time code reference superimposed) and send you a user name and password to log in to our client preview area. You can view, log any changes and email your comments to us. We'll make your changes and upload the second cut. Once you approve the edit, we'll master the programme, author your DVDs or upload to the Internet as required.
  • Can you edit with old video formats?
    Yes, we can handle just about any video format you have, from VHS, Hi8, Umatic or one inch helical scan, all the way up to HD tape and Disk formats. If you have a library of archive footage on old formats it's worth considering getting them transferred to an up to date format. Tape degenerates over time unless stored in controlled climatic storage facilities. But a more immediate problem is the difficulty of finding facilities with video tape machines to play older video formats. Preserve and extend the life of your archive - get them transfered now!
  • We have lots of interviews / dialogue - how do we log what we need?
    We can transfer all your rushes to DVD with time code reference numbers in vision. You can then view the DVDs and accurately log the sections you need. We can also have your tapes transcribed and provide you with text files. The more preparation you do, the less time we spend editing - so the more money you save!!
  • We'd like a sales video, but don't have a creative idea yet, can you help?
    Yes we can, one of creative team can contact you via telephone or visit in person to discuss your needs and requirements. After a short discussion, they will be able to make suggestions and give you an idea of what's involved. If you like any of our suggestions, we'll formulate a creative proposal outlining the video together with costs and timescales for your approval.
  • We don't have any video clips, can you still make us a video?
    Yes, we have a large library of royalty free video clips we can use. We can generate a video from just graphics or stills, or we can film video clips to order. We also have a royalty free music library and a sound effects library and can record professional voice artists to deliver your script.
  • Can my video be turned into a video podcast?
    Yes, any video can be converted into a video podcast, or we can record and produce your podcast for you. We can host your podcast or help you host it on your own site. We can also submit your podcast to the Apple iTunes website to help promote your podcast.
  • We need to record a presentation, but don't have a big budget
    We offer a simple, low cost, 'one man two camera' solution to record meetings and presentations. One operator sets up both cameras and operates a video switcher cutting between both cameras. This live vision cut is transfered to DVD bypassing the editing process. This ensures we can keep costs low, but still provide a professional video of the event. If needed, we can edit the video at a later date and will quote separately for that service.
  • We don't have a website, can you put our video online?
    Yes, we can submit your video to all the well known video sharing websites like YouTube, Yahoo and Google Video. These sites don't charge for hosting your video. We can also host your video for you on our own website, If hosted on our site your video will be password protected - unlike the free video sharing sites. We can also set up a website for you to host your video. This site will then be branded with your company logo and details.
  • Our Website doesn't support video streaming
    If your site is unable to stream video we can host your video clips for you. We will provide a short clip of code to paste into your webpage. This will insert the video clip into your webpage, with the video streamed from our servers. Our servers can add a watermark to your video and can place commercials or stings in front of your video.
  • We have a PowerPoint Presentation, can you convert this to video?
    Yes, we can convert any PowerPoint presentation to video and if needed add music, a professional voice over and edit in any additional video as required. This can then be authored to DVD, encoded as a podcast or streamed from your website.
  • Can you add subtitles?
    Yes, Your video can be transcribed and translated if needed. A text file will then be send to you for approval. We can then add subtitles to the video, either by keying directly over the video, or by using the subtitle stream if authoring a DVD. By using the DVD subtitle stream, the viewer can choose to watch, or turn off, subtitles and we can add additional streams (languages) if needed.
  • Can you generate animations for our video?
    Yes, 2D graphics and animations we will generate in house. For 3D animations we use the services of one of our partners who specialize in 3D graphics. Any quotes we provide will include all costs including third party suppliers such as 3D graphic specialists.
  • We would like to use actors in our video. Can you arrange actors for us?
    We can recommend actors or arrange a casting to find suitable actors. We can also help you script your idea, arrange locations and supply all crew and equipment needed for your video shoot.
  • What's the difference between Progressive scan and Interlaced Scan?
    A TV picture is drawn on your TV screen one horizontal line at a time (scanned). If an image is displayed 720p (or 1080p), then there are 720 or 1080 horizontal lines Progressive. When lines are drawn or scanned Progressive, they are drawn in sequential order. When all the lines are drawn, you have one TV frame.

    If an image is displayed 720i (or 1080i), then there are 720 or 1080 horizontal lines Interlaced. An interlaced scan draws all the odd lines in the first pass (1st field), then all the even lines in the second pass (2nd field) - 1st and 2nd fields combined make one TV frame.
  • What's Blu-Ray DVD?
    Blu-Ray DVD discs are the next generation DVDs and can record more data than current standard DVD discs. Disk capacity ranges from 25 GB for a single layer disc, 50 GB for dual layer and 400 GB for sixteen layer discs. Blu-Ray's high data storage allows authoring of High Definition video and interactive DVD's. A Blu-Ray DVD player outputs 1920x1080p - thats full High Definition video.
    Blu-Ray gets its name from the blue laser used to write/read data to and from the discs.