High Definition Video Production - HD video

Shooting High Definition provides higher resolution images and future proofs your assets. The cost of filming High Definition is now the same as filming SD (Standard Definition). So even if your current needs are standard definition, it makes sense to acquire HD to add value to your video archive. These assets can be repurposed for High Definition delivery at a future date.

HDTV or high definition television normally refers to any video system of higher resolution than the standard definition. The original HD specifications date back to the early 1980s, when Japan first experimented with a 1025 line television standard.

High definition television resolution is 1080 or 720 lines. With the contrast, regular digital television is 480 (NTSC) lines or 576 (PAL) lines.

HDV now dominates the corporate and broadcast markets, and is now available to domestic users.

The HDV format handles the same bitrate as the DV format, although HDV records a high definition signal. This will allow you to record HD video on the same tape format used for DV recordings. A signal with HDV has 4.5 times as much data as a standard DV signal used with NTSC. HDV also includes CD quality sound, MPEG 2 compression, real time encoding, and so much more.

HDV exists in two formats - 1080i (interlaced) and 720p (progressive). With interlaced, the video camera records 1080 lines in interlaced images, which is half images of 540 lines each that are displayed 60 times per second.

With 720 progressive, the video camera records 720 lines in progressive images, which are full images that are displayed 30 times per second. Sony chose to use 1080i on the HDR-FX1, where JVC chose to use 720p for the GR-HD1, which is sold only in NTSC format in the USA and Japan.

The progressive mode format requires a television set that supports progressive playback, while interlaced mode is the most common mode use with domestic CRT TVs. The question today is which of the two formats deliver the best image quality.

With several high definition video cameras on the market today, the question of image quality all depends on the camera and features, along with your television or method of playback. All high definition video cameras are amazing in quality and playback, which is why they have become so popular.

We can shoot your video using the format of your choice, and Author your video to HD Blu-Ray DVD. If you would like some help or advice on which video format to choose, please contact us on 08709 220032 or email us using our contact form