Conference and Exhibition Video Production

Conference and exhibition video production can take the form of entire programmes on their own, or just a short video to be incorporated into other programmes being made reporting on the event.

When a company has a large event, or exhibition, it’s not always possible for everyone to attend, but with so many issues being discussed and products being demonstrated, by recording the event on video you can reach a much broader audience. As well as recording presentations and speakers, you could set up a Video Box or Video Pod to record visitors ‘ comments. It’s easy to get valuable, honest feedback and opinions, something which can never be undervalued in any business.

Once filmed, conference and exhibition videos can either be put onto DVD for video presentations, or distributed on CD-ROM, through the Internet or via your company's intranet. The use and value of these videos are endless, from the obvious use of providing a record of the event for all who were unable to attend, to taking simple sound bites of interviews for incorporation into sales and marketing presentations. A good corporate video production will reflect the atmosphere at the event, and can be an excellent way to encourage staff and/or customers to come to these events in the future.

All videos can be authored to DVD, encoded as podcasts or streamed from your website.

If you’re looking for conference or exhibition event management, our strategic partners can quote and advise on all aspects of your event. We work closely with our partners and are happy to recommend and endorse their services.

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