Blu-Ray DVD Authoring and Duplication, Surrey UK

Blu-Ray DVD Authoring

DSdigitalvideo offer Blu-ray DVD authoring as well as High Definition filming and Video Editing

Blu-ray is the clear choice for high definition DVD. With capacities averaging 25GB and 50GB, and bigger discs on the way, plus full 1080p playback, Blu-ray belongs in your home entertainment center, or even in your computer.

Toshiba officially announced the end of the HD DVD format on February 19, 2008. With Warner Bros., Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Netflix and others going exclusively with Blu-ray, HD DVD just couldn`t survive. Now is the time to buy a Blu-ray disc player.

If your buying a Blu-ray player make sure you get a player with multiple ports. Keep in mind that HDMI (uncompressed digital video and audio signal) and Component (uncompressed video signal) are the only ports that support HD, though you can watch the content through Composite (A/V, RCA) or S-Video (video only). You`ll want to make sure you have the digital audio output option, for the best possible audio experience.

For more information and advice on Blu-Ray HD DVD players visit the Which Review which looks at the best Blu-ray players currently out on the market, comparing the quality with standard DVDs to work out whether you really do get more for your money.

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