Managing Digital Assets using CatDV

CatDV helps you to keep track of which video clips are where on a tape (and which projects they are used in) by maintaining a catalogue of clips, each with timecode in and out values and thumbnails. Each clip can be annotated with metadata (such as clip name, description, project, status, date and time of recording, or camera exposure details) that can be used for searching and sorting the catalogue. CatDV Pro supports media files and video clip data in most popular formats, including:

  • Still images (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PSD, etc.)
  • Audio formats (MP3, AIFF, AU, WAV, etc.)
  • Video formats (QuickTime MOV, AVI, MPEG, DV, etc.)
  • Video editing capture logs and projects (EditDV, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, etc.) interchange formats (CMX edit decision lists, HTML, tab separated text, XML)

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Media files are indexed with thumbnails and can be played back either as previews or as full screen presentations. CatDV Pro lets you organze digital images and MP3s as well as digital video. You can present slide shows containing a mix of media formats.

Managing large media files

CatDV Pro uses both thumbnail images and low-resolution preview movies to show the contents of clips that are currently off-line. To restore off-line media CatDV Pro generates capture logs for use with the batch capture capability of your editing application.

Logging and scene detection

To simplify logging the contents of a tape and creating a first rough draft of an edited programme, CatDV Pro supports automatic scene detection of captured footage. You can review each clip and enter a name and keywords describing the scene, mark it as "good" or not, and enter "in" and "out" points to select portions of interest within the clip.

Video capture

With QuickTime-compatible video capture hardware, CatDV Pro will scan a tape and capture previews in a single operation. If you don't have compatible hardware, however, CatDV Pro will work just as well with media files captured using your existing editing application.


Although not intended for editing, you can create simple movies in CatDV Pro by stringing together clips of interest. You can export clips as either self-contained or reference movies, or you can convert a movie using a different codec, for example to create a web movie. You can also consolidate the media files on disc by trimming and deleting unused material.


Several useful utility functions are provided, such as exporting "whole tape" batch capture logs, adding a burnt-in security camera-style date and time display, and a flexible timecode calculator

CatDV is available in several versions
  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Work Group Server

CatDV is available on both PC and Mac platforms.
For more information, pricing and trial software, Visit the CatDV website

Product Description from CatDV manual

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