Managing Your Digital Assets

Digital asset management is the archiving, retrieval, tracking, manipulation, re-purposing, interaction with and transactions of all types of digital media, text documents, illustrations, images, audio and video files. As a business you will generate text documents on a daily basis, and you will have systems for filing, logging and re-using those documents.

But how do you manage your video assets?

Most companies will have a box of video tapes stored somewhere on the shelf – but does anyone know what’s really on them? If you’ve recorded to video any aspect of your business then you’re sitting on a valuable asset which could be re-used, or re-purposed and incorporated into another training programme, marketing or sales video.

How do you track those assets?

You could purchase a Digital Asset Management system (DAM) which will track all digital media you own.

But for small companies this can be an expensive option. A simpler and cheaper system for SMEs is to have all your video tapes transferred to DVDs, correctly labelled and logged. This will allow members of your company quick access to reference footage, which can then be re-used as needed, sourcing back to the original master tapes as necessary.

A better solution would be to have the footage converted to a compressed video format and stored in a simple but effective database system, like CatDV. Full resolution video files are large so it’s impractical to keep all your video as ‘On Line’ full resolution files. CatDV helps you keep track of your assets by tracking the video clips and referencing them to individual tapes, as well as where each clip is on the tape. CatDV allows your staff to search and view the footage using thumbnail images and video preview files. As the files are now on a database, any comments, notes etc made by viewers are added to the database and attached to each clip as metadata. As you input and log more tapes your catalogue grows and becomes a valuable asset in its own right.

CatDV is a very affordable solution. The larger cost to be considered is digitizing your footage into the system. This is a real time process and you’ll need video tape players for all the tape formats you have. But once the bulk of your tapes is on the system, you’ll have searchable, instant access to all your video clips and footage.

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