Video Podcasting and Audio Podcasting

Podcasting can promote your company, increase brand awareness and generate sales

"The size of the podcast audience grew 285% to 18.5 million in 2007 and is expected to grow to 65 million in 2012, with an advertising spend of $435 million." - eMarketer, January 2008

With the rise of podcasting, many individuals and organizations are finding that podcasting is a great way to distribute information. Of course most podcasts are free to download, so it’s accepted that the originator of the podcast will be promoting a product or service as part of the podcast.

It's common to see professionals and executives listening and viewing media on laptops or mobile devices. Keeping up to date with your chosen subject is easy and effective with podcasting. If your content provides useful information, your audience, interested and searching for that information, will download your podcast and even subscribe to future podcasts.

Your podcasts can be hosted on your website, or third party sites optimized for online delivery. Once your podcast is uploaded you can direct clients to your podcasts with email, RSS feeds, press releases and blogs. Your podcast can be submitted to specialist directories including the Apple iTunes site. Once listed your podcast will be available to thousands of potential clients.

Video or audio podcasting has the unique ability to reach your prospects and customers at an emotional and personal level. You are speaking directly to them, you become their personal expert advisor and mentor. If you provide valuable information that helps your listener, they’re more likely to purchase services from you when specific additional services are needed.

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