Royalty Free Video Stock Shots

Video Library Footage and Creative Content

Using video library footage in your production can save costs and greatly improve the style and look of your programme. Creative content is available from many online sources, but can be expensive and difficult to source.

Our video library contains video stock shot footage from all over the world and is now available from as little as £5 per clip. We offer royalty-free video clips for multimedia, corporate and broadcast productions. Our dedicated video stock shots website is near completion and will be online shortly. All clips can be viewed, purchased and downloaded online. Please bookmark this page or contact us if you would like more information on our video stock shot website.

If you would like information on our royalty free footage before our site is online please contact us using the email link at the bottom of the page.

Our royalty-free Video Clip Library includes GVs, Aerials, Wildlife, Underwater footage from the following locations:

  • Athens video clips
  • Greek islands video clips
  • South Africa video clips
  • Dubai video clips
  • Venice video clips
  • London video clips
  • Provence video clips
  • Sardinia video clips
  • Switzerland video clips
  • South Africa video clips
  • Russia video clips
  • Maldives video clips
  • Maldives underwater marine life video clips

Our video stock shots library is expanding rapidly, but we are always looking for new suppliers. If you would like to add your footage to our library, please contact us using the email link below.

Video Stockshots currently offer HD, SD and Multimedia Video Library footage and background video clips. We’re constantly uploading video clips but if you’re looking for specific library footage please contact us and we’ll do our best to help. All our video stock footage is royalty free.

Please use our contact form to email us if you like information on any of our services