Use Viral Video Marketing to Beat the Recession

Given the current economic climate it's only sensible that businesses take a look at where their money is going and make savings where possible.

But is this the right time to cut back on marketing and advertising budgets?

Well, yes and no . . . .

With companies cutting back on what they spend, now is the perfect time to offer your products and services if you can offer a better deal than their current suppliers. This opportunity probably would never have arisen if the economic climate was better, they probably would have just stayed with their existing suppliers, because that’s the easy option. Now everyone is looking to cut costs, reduce budgets and save money. So now is the time to increase your advertising and marketing campaign.

But you need to be careful spending money as well. Don't waste money on mass advertising, only spend in areas which will get you results, or even better, only pay for advertising that converts to sales. How can you do this ? Viral Marketing and Viral Video is one way.

It's a lot cheaper than people think to make a short video for your website. You can even have a video made using only library footage and graphics. The important thing is to grab the attention of your viewer and get your sales message across.

Once you have your video, get it on your website and have it posted to the many free hosting video sites like YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Video. Your viewing figures will now start to grow, but don't stop there. By setting up an affiliate marketing programme other websites will host your video in return for a commission on sales. When the video is viewed on their site, the viewer can click a link to your sales page. If that viewer converts to a sale - the affiliate webmaster hosting the video receives a commission. So you advertise for free, and only pay when a sale is made.

All videos can also be authored to DVD or encoded as podcasts

More Information on Viral Marketing

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